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Explore the world of branding with Tisha Oehmen’s ‘Finding Brand.’ Dive into this comprehensive blog and her two acclaimed books for expert insights, actionable advice, and a roadmap to crafting a brand that captivates and endures in the minds of your audience.

annual strategic marketing plan template

Annual Strategic Marketing Plan Template

brand narrative

Why You Need a Brand Narrative

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Data Implications for Marketing in 2020

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Trends for Marketing in 2020

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Brand Smart with These 6 Factors

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What is a Brand?


4 Critical Components to Successful Brand Management

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The One Marketing Tool You Can’t Afford to Live Without-the Marketing Calendar

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The 3 Essential Elements to Creating a Memorable Brand

KONY 2012 marketing lessons

5 Marketing Lessons Derived from KONY 2012

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Your Advertising Dollars Should Be One Coordinated Marketing Effort

Evolutionaries Book , Marketing, leadership

Marketing the Evolutionaries Way

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Your Brand is About Emotion

strong, recognizable, and enduring brand

The Secret to a Great Brand is Just One Thing


Imagine – A World Without Light

b2b branding

B2B Branding Implications

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Top 10 Finding Brand Blog Posts in 2011

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Creating a Brand in a Tough Economic Environment


Online Retailer Ups the Stakes for Local Shops (sort of)

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The Real Purpose for Press Releases